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Ductless AC & Heating Systems | Key Advantages


Ductless AC & Heating Systems | Key Advantages

With the wall-mounted mini-split being the most widely used ductless AC & heating system, it is also the one that can provide the most advantages to home cooling. While there are other air conditioning systems to choose from, we will discuss the advantages of ductless air conditioning and heating systems so that you know that your decision to install ductless was right.

Decreased Cost Involving Ductless AC & Heating Systems

When it comes to an appliance that is supposed to provide service and comfort, we expect it to be at a low cost financially and environmentally.

Having a ductless AC & heating system installed is a cheaper alternative to operate. In fact, it is believed that many ductless systems can save at least 30% in energy. This is due to the absence of ducting, so there will be less chance of leaks, ruptures, tears, or even being installed improperly. When any of these issues occur, a leak may take place. Plus, the average home’s air conditioning could easily use more energy if leaks are present.

Incorporate Smart Technology Into Your Ductless AC & Heating System

Incorporating smart technology into a ductless system through AC controllers. Having smart AC controllers enables you to have full control of your AC through smartphone apps. This requires your AC to be compatible with WiFi. This compatibility allows control of the air conditioner to take place from anywhere. This control is similar to a thermostat but can condition the air for much less.

Besides being compatible, other controller characteristics involve smart triggers, tracking usage, weekly scheduling, location controls, and many more. Smart technology for air conditioning is rising in popularity, and having them combined with a ductless AC can take it to the next level.

Greater Amount Of Efficiency Can Be Expected

As part of the air conditioning system, a rating will usually be associated with them. These are EER and SEER ratings related to the energy savings the air conditioner can provide. The higher the rating, the higher the energy savings and efficiency it provides. Compared to ducted AC and heating systems, the ductless HVAC will have a higher SEER rating and can even see the SEER being higher than 30.

Ductless Installation Is A Snap

When there is no need for ducting, the ductless AC can be easily installed much quicker than ducted systems. Plus, the installation of a ductless is not as costly as a ducted system. You can see the installation being much less stressful, making them the perfect option.

On top of being less stressful, your home won’t need to undergo any construction or have anything torn up in your walls or ceiling or have to rearrange the furniture. When the ductless system is installed, there is no structural damage outside of the small hole for the wiring that is not visible and will not be much of a hassle as the AC is installed.

Less Environmental Impact

Another advantage of ductless air conditioning and heating systems is that they have less environmental impact than ducted systems. 
Plus, when a ductless AC & heating system is certified by ENERGY STAR, they will be more energy-efficient than what is required by the government. This enables you to prevent an impact on the environment while saving money.
A major part of the environmental friendliness of a ductless AC system is its use of the R410A refrigerant. This type of refrigerant does not impact the ozone layer due to the air conditioning it produces.

You’ll Enjoy A Warm Winter

When you install ductless Ac, you may not be aware that your AC system may even help keep you warm at night during the winter. This is due to the heat pumps that can be incorporated. This is great when looking for more than just a cool home, and you don’t have to worry about turning the furnace on.

Rebates from the Utility Company
Because the ductless AC provides an increased amount of efficiency, your utility company may offer rebates and other incentives after installing one. These incentives could take place because of leftover energy that stems from an efficient ductless air conditioner.

Have Your Ductless AC & Heating System Installed By Climate Heroes

When it comes down to it, the ductless AC & heating system provides a great number of advantages. When your home needs a new AC installed, going with a ductless unit will be your best bet. So get in touch with Climate Heroes today to explain these great advantages in detail.

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